I’ve always been a teacher. I love to teach. But not the way you are thinking. Yes, I tried to teach in a conventional school (3rd grade matter of fact). It didn’t work out. No matter what school, I was completely uncomfortable with the structure of the teaching system.

I then became a Massage Therapist. I loved it. I naturally gravitated to work in cooperation with Chiropractors and provide deep tissue therapeutic massage to office patients. This career sustained me for almost 8 years. It was great but it always felt like there was something more for me.

The feeling for something more led me to graduate school. My vision was to become a professor of Spiritual Psychology. I battled through graduate school. By the time I finished my Master’s Degree, my plan had changed.

I gave it a go at being a personal development coach and teacher.

Less than six months into this new endeavor, I hired an Internet marketing consultant to help my presence grow. She robbed me.

$10,000 down the drain and just a potential for an online presence motivated me to dive into doing my own Internet marketing.

The word got out that I was pretty good at this and friends started referring me to their friends. (This was back in 2008 when Facebook and Twitter were getting so much attention in the press.)

I had a new career.

I provided SEO and Social Media services for over 4 years, which led me to full time employment with a medical training company.

My work there evolved and grew to a department director position. Ironically, I was coordinating schedules and helping the company Instructors do great work. (Ironic because I was teaching the teachers.)

At this medical training company, there was a vision to grow an online hub of resources and advanced digital trainings. Guess who had to learn a new set of skills?

I did. I helped the company host over a half dozen online courses. This work and new skill set led to a very large consulting contract with a medical manufacturer company. I helped them create and host their own online training program.

Recently, I fell into a role at the coolest company in the world. I am back into my teacher role. This time, ensuring that the company’s consultants are equipped with the right tools and resources to help the families they serve. I love this work! (And wish I had these services before I went to college!)

In summary, my career has been an ever evolving process. I’m not just a one type of product/service guy. I teach and do so by learning new things- constantly.

I love that part of my life!



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